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Running, a pure sport

Running & maintaining your body Running is a very pure sport. You do it all by yourself, nothing to hide behind. No bike you sit on, no ball you run after and no opponents you have to work against. The downside is that running is one of the sports where you get injured the fastest. It is therefore very […]

Running well against stress. Or…

So I suddenly had a whole lot of stress this spring. Something with a new job  that wasn’t quite what I expected … or rather not at all. During these periods I am always grateful that I am a runner. After all, running is good against stress and there was a lot of stress so I ran a lot […]

Running (isn’t) fun?

Running is (almost) always possible There are more and more: runners. Because, it’s so nice and easy. You only need a good pair of running shoes and you can get started at any time of the week. Whether you have a lot or a little time, running is (almost) always possible. But do you like it too? If […]