I worked for many years as a home care dietitian. In addition, I carried out projects that were aimed at prevention and I worked as a manager. Since March 2013 I have my own dietitian practice

My approach is coaching and motivating. I like to use a step-by-step plan to promote behavioral change. Successful weight loss is often quite feasible, but maintaining the weight is often difficult. The step-by-step plan gives you more insight, learns to recognize your pitfalls and applies better alternatives.

In addition to office hours on location, I also work at where I guide residents and organize information activities. I also visit clients in the reception or housing supervision of HVO


There are various professions involved in nutritional advice. From nutritionist and nutrition consultant to nutrition coach and weight consultants. However, there is only one professional title that is legally protected, and that is that of a dietitian. A dietitian has always followed a legally recognized, four-year HBO course.