Protein bars: Bullshit or miracle cure? 5 facts hard facts

I also have several recommendations of bars that are better than others.

When I say good, I mean quality bars. To me, it's all about the quality. The most important quality is the consistency of the bars. They should be soft and fluffy, not crunchy or hard. If you are eating them, you should be able to chew and swallow the bars. You will have no trouble digesting them. They will be less chunky and harder to digest. But more important, they will be easier to eat and not taste like you're eating something too dry or crunchy. I know it's hard, but just try it. It will definitely make a big difference in your health and nutrition.

When I first started making these bars, I used a dehydrated version. This is why I have a disclaimer. I have a medical condition which causes me to have an underdeveloped digestive tract. This means that I cannot properly digest anything that is too wet. So, if you buy your protein bars in a dehydrated state, the chances are that they will come out tasting like a wet cookie. To combat this issue, I recommend you dehydrate your protein bars so that they are slightly less moist, and that they don't have the same "stickiness".

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