You have made a niche in poetry and children’s books literature genres. Why did you decide to focus on those two types of writing? 

I could express myself better through poetry. There is such a rawness in it that makes you want to pour out all your thoughts and emotions. It is also challenging for me since there are not a lot of poets out there. Being able to express your thoughts on a single line with a few words, that is the challenge. As for children’s books, I guess that is the mother in me. I want to instill good values in my children. I do this by telling them stories at first and then let them figure out the moral lessons behind them. I also love the illustrations and fonts that they use to make the children’s books interesting. I myself am amused and interested to read them over and over again. 

You have received multiple awards and recognition for your literary works. Is there any award that stands out in particular? 

Every award is special. It is an honor to be recognized for the work that you do. But if I would choose just one award, I would have to say that it is Art of Peace Award because it sums up all my efforts in trying to make this world a better place to live in through my writing and performances. 

Aside from your writing, you are an inspiring and engaging speaker. What message do you always want to impart to your audience? 

I always bring the message of peace, justice, acceptance, and understanding. I have always stood up for embracing cultural diversity and respecting human dignity. It does not matter if you are an American, Mexican, French, German, or what, we have to treat everyone with respect and dignity. If we recognize the worth of each individual, then peace is within our reach.