Running (isn’t) fun?

Running is (almost) always possible

There are more and more: runners. Because, it’s so nice and easy. You only need a good pair of running shoes and you can get started at any time of the week. Whether you have a lot or a little time, running is (almost) always possible.

But do you like it too?

If I asked you if you really like running, what is your answer? Do you particularly like it afterwards: satisfied that you have achieved that performance again, that you have worked up a sweat. Don’t be ashamed to admit that you honestly see running more as an obligation than as a relaxed way to move. Obligation as in: a better condition or a counterweight to the existing existence.

Relaxed running: it is really possible

Enjoying, enthusiastic runners, of course they exist – I have been one for years. But after protracted injuries came the realization that it can also be done differently. More relaxed and less focused on performance. Not by reducing my speed or walking distance. By learning to walk in a different way: consciously running or chi-running . Two names for the same approach.

Running with relaxation as a starting point, that’s fun

For me it was a true eye-opener: walking with relaxation as the starting point. So consciously relaxed, although that is pretty strenuous in the beginning. But that applies to all the new things you learn. You may have seen a conscious runner. One that does not lift its legs and places it forward, but which, as it were, lifts its lower legs back and simply drops its feet on the ground again. Does it sound cryptic? Then have a look at this youtube video and you see what i mean.

I can heartily recommend it to all those teeth-grinding, sweaty and rattling runners who want it to be different. From experience. My profit: no more complaints. More fun. And yes, more relaxation.