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What you can expect from us

To the experience of real food

Open, not learning

Nutrition Lives believes that awareness among some may be the start of progress for many. Substantial change requires support from individuals and organizations. That is why we stimulate and challenge. With an open mind and therefore not learning. Because there is not one truth. We are not dogmatic and do not adhere to 1 institution. We continue to follow science on a daily basis.

Enthusiastic, innovative

We make our lifestyle programs based on science, combined with a good dose of common sense. We increase knowledge about nutrition in relation to health by sharing, coaching, inspiring and innovating. We have a positive, surprising basic attitude and we are constantly enthusiastic. Even though we sometimes encounter resistance from the established order, we constantly look for the connection. From there there is always room for movement.

Practical, result-oriented

We make new insights simple and applicable for everyone. We offer others the means to do it ourselves. We develop pilots with results and step back as soon as other (care) parties take over. We continue to do new pilots to make the relationship between nutrition and disease transparent for a large audience. This is how nutrition ultimately gets the place it deserves: in the consultation room as part of the treatment.

The latest insights and inspiration for the lifestyle that suits you

We take food – in the broadest sense – seriously and let people experience for themselves what food does to them instead of saying what should be done. The basis is unprocessed, fresh and varied food that is tasty and, moreover, satiating.

Every living mechanism needs food. Nutrition that supports what we want and need. That goes beyond food. It’s about moving, about sleep, about stimuli and thoughts. What do you let in and what not? What inspires and what doesn’t? What gives energy and what does energy cost? What do you really need and what do you want?

What can you go to dietitian practice Carmenta Folla for?

As a dietitian I am an expert in nutrition and health. My approach is coaching, motivating and involved. With practical tips, information and nutritional or dietary advice I help you to take steps towards a healthy lifestyle and to permanently change your diet.

I provide customized nutritional advice and personal guidance with:

  • Overweight and obese
  • Morbid obesity
  • High bloodpressure
  • Increased cholesterol
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Stomach and intestinal complaints (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Underweight and malnutrition (unwanted weight loss)


Whether you want to lose weight or need a special diet due to a condition, a healthy life starts with a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Dietitian Practice Carmentafolla helps you adjust your lifestyle and build a healthy diet.

To support you in this, I use the Disk of Five as a guideline for a healthy basic diet and the dietary treatment guidelines for specific dietary advice.

What can you expect / how does it work?

In the first consultation we discuss the reason for the referral and your specific request for help. We analyze the current situation, your eating habits, but other factors can also be important, such as emotions, exercise and preparation method.

From there we together determine which goals you want to achieve. You will receive practical nutritional advice or a customized step-by-step plan. This gives you insight into what you eat and teaches you to recognize pitfalls and to apply better alternatives. The goals that I set together with you are realistic and achievable. This way you can adjust the adjusted eating pattern well and ensure that the result is retained. You can learn to live a healthy life!

'My mindset with regard to food has changed. I was taught that it doesn't have to be perfect right away, that any improvement in my eating habits is pure profit. Falling and getting up again and taking small steps makes things easier for me. "
Elizabeth Norton


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Nutrition Awakens
Nutrition Strengthens Nutrition is Alive

We increase knowledge about nutrition in relation to health by sharing, coaching, inspiring and innovating. We have a positive, surprising basic attitude and we are constantly enthusiastic.


We are a social enterprise with a social purpose: we create happiness in life and reduce social costs. Making money is not our main goal, it is a means to reach our mission and generate social impact.

Carmenta Folla has no profit motive. The pilots of Carmenta Folla are funded by temporary project financing from health insurers, health care institutions, companies and the government. The initiatives and projects themselves may be entrepreneurial within social frameworks, as long as this fits within the mission of Carmenta Folla  and the supervision thereof meets the requirements of social entrepreneurship.

Carmenta Folla is as much as possible in line with widely supported views and reports on nutrition, healthcare costs, causes and remedies. This is how Carmenta Folla  respects, without wanting to be complete, among other things:

1. Scientific research into causal relationships between interventions regarding nutrition / lifestyle and health and / or diseases
2. Regular medical interventions in diseases
3. Nutritional advice from the Health Council and the Nutrition Center

Carmenta Folla thereby opts for an internationally oriented scientific approach to nutrition in which an important role is reserved for institutions such as the WHO and the FDA which, by taking strong measures against sugar and trans fats, play an important role in nuancing existing beliefs.

What makes our programs special


We guide people to experience what works for them instead of telling them how.

Working Solution

We offer tools and inspiration for a tasty, satiating and affordable diet forever instead of a temporary diet that doesn't work anyway.