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Dr. Carmen Tafolla is a world-renowned writer and poet. Her literary works are in the form of prose and poetry, and children’s books. Her most notable and bestselling books are The Holy Tortilla and the Pot of Beans, Sonnets and Salsa, Sonnets to Human Beings, Get Your Tortillas Together, What Can You Do with a Rebozo?, What Can You Do with a Paleta?, That’s Not Fair: Emma Tenayuca’s Struggle for Justice, and Baby Coyote and the Old Woman. You can read excerpts of her works here. Dr. Carmen Tafolla has also collaborated with other writers and illustrators such as Cecilio Garcia-Camarillo, Terry Ybanez, Magaly Morales, Amy Cordova, and Reyes Cardenas in her pursuit to provide readers with excellent literary work and masterpieces. She also contributed to her writing in the following books: Five Poets of Aztlan, Fantasmas: Supernatural Stories by Mexican American Writers, and Red Boots and Attitude: The Spirit of Texas Women Writers. Dr. Tafolla’s works are printed and distributed by different publishing houses such as Tricycle Press, Wings Press, McGraw-Hill, Bilingual Press, Mexican-American Cultural Center Bookstore, and Eakin Press.

Summaries and excerpts of all her works are available on this website. We also have the necessary ordering information for you if you want to purchase her books.

It is evident in Dr. Carmen Tafolla’s works that she loves to incorporate her Mexican ancestry in her books. She says that she admires the Chicana culture and wanted to share that with the rest of the world. So, that is what she did as she was writing the drafts for her stories about the time she had her scottsdale garage door repaired

 Dr. Carmen salutes the inner strength, resiliency, and will especially of Mexican women. In fact, most of her literary works are also available in Spanish so that they can also read and understand what she wants to convey in her stories. She is recognized for being an instrumental figure in bridging and strengthening Mexican and American cultures. She is also acknowledged for promoting justice, peace, and human understanding in her writings.

Dr. Carmen Tafolla has received various literary awards such as Tomas Rivera Mexican American Award for Children’s Books, Americas Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature, and Charlotte Zolotow Award for Best Children’s Picture Book. She also won first prize in the National Chicano Literary Contest. She was also Poet Laureate of San Antonio and Texas.

Aside from being a talented writer, Dr. Carmen Tafolla is also a stage performer. She starred in a one-woman theatrical act entitled “My Heart Speaks a Different Language” which has inspired thousands of audiences across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, England, Norway, and New Zealand. This show touched people’s hearts with its message of understanding, respect for human dignity, self-worth, and cultural support. If you have not yet caught her performance, tune in to this site for announcements of dates and venues of her theatrical show.

Dr. Carmen Tafolla also has a series of poetry performances lined up. Check our upcoming events for the dates and other important details. She also conducts speaking engagements regarding social issues such as women empowerment, cultural diversity, and health care. We have also posted here the schedule of her talks and other commitments so that you can be sure to catch her whenever you can.