My grandparents are Mexicans. My Mexican ancestry is very evident in our family’s lifestyle and I group up embracing the Chicana culture. We really wanted to instill the Mexican values in our children. But there were times when my children were bullied at school because of their Mexican ancestry. I do not what is wrong with the world that children should have to make other children feel bad because of their roots. As a mother, I felt really bad for my kids. I talked to their teachers and we were able to resolve the issue. But this does not take away the worry and concern that I have regarding how other people would treat my children just because we have Mexican roots. We are not doing anything wrong as far as I know. But unfortunately, we cannot make other people understand our culture especially if they are prepared to listen. That is where hate starts, from fear of the unknown and different.  

That is why I want to thank Dr. Carmen Tafolla for standing up for Mexican culture. In this world that we live in, we should embrace cultural diversity and respect one another in order to achieve peace and harmony. Dr. Tafolla’s works are really on point in exposing to the rest of the world how Mexicans demonstrate strength, strong will, and invincible spirit in their everyday lives. Amidst the challenges especially of living in a foreign land, we carry on with so much love and hope in our hearts that we can surpass life’s storms. We do all these primarily because of our love for our family.  

My children love reading your books. You helped me instill good values in them whenever we read your books. You have also kept the fire burning in our hearts to appreciate our ancestry, be proud of our identity, and believe in our worth as members of the society.  

Thank you and more power to you, Dr. Carmen! 

-Margarita C.