Running well against stress. Or…

So I suddenly had a whole lot of stress this spring. Something with a new job  that wasn’t quite what I expected … or rather not at all. During these periods I am always grateful that I am a runner.

After all, running is good against stress and there was a lot of stress so I ran a lot and often and fast. And when it didn’t help, I walked a little further. While running I would really get my head clear and calm down …. I thought … nothing could be further from the truth.

Cortiwattus .. ??

As I stepped up the miles week after week, I slept worse than I already did and I felt more and more restless. I didn’t get it at all. Until someone pointed out to me that with all those long distances I could raise my stress hormone Cortisol. Cortiwattus .. ?? I had never really heard of it. After some google it suddenly became painfully clear to me that this could really be the cause of my unrest.

Oooh … Cortisol!

Cortisol is a hormone that is produced under both physical and psychological stress. It ensures that your body is in the highest state of readiness and that you are alert. Our body sees running as ‘fleeing’ and when there has to be a flight there is a certain danger and so we make Cortisol. Add that to the Cortisol that was probably already in my body because of the psychological stress and you will get a good night’s sleep.

Enjoy in moderation

After a week in which I didn’t run at all, I started small laps again. No distances of 20-30 km but just ‘small’ pieces of about 10 km. I feel that it is good for me. I return home happy and full of energy and sleep better and better. Listening to my body is the motto for the coming time. Walk, but take it easy. Running is actually like so many things that are addictive … enjoy, but in moderation!